Monday, January 5, 2015

New Book Promotion Website Drives Tons of Sales to Your Book for $0 - For Real - Say Whaaat?!

Have You Heard about Buck Books?
 I recently found out about them myself and ran a promotion with them, so I want to share with you what I discovered...

Buck Books seems to be racing to the lead in book promotion with their outside the box style, and the win-win benefits for authors, affiliates, readers, and of course themselves. Those extremely expensive book promotion websites that are reserved for only the privy might want to take some notes— I'm still fairly new at this whole authoring ebooks thing, but just from the experiences I've had, and the research I've done on other book promotion websites; I would venture to say that Buck Books will be the leading promotional website for ebooks. If I’m wrong, you can always come back and tell me “I told you so”. But if they keep going at this rate, I doubt it…

How Buck Books Benefits Everyone Involved:
·         They benefit authors with free book promotion;
·         They benefit affiliates with the commission;
·         They benefit readers with quality books at low cost;
·         They benefit themselves with their own affiliate commissions;
·         They also benefit other ebook sellers with promoting books being sold on their websites;

For Authors:
If you are looking to promote a book, buck books can be a bit hard to get into. If your book does not look marketable, professional, or publish ready, they may choose not to promote your book.  So make sure to cross your T’s and dot your I’s and make sure that your book cover is professionally designed.  The only thing they ask of authors is for promotion of their website.  But they don’t even ask for promo without giving something else awesome in return. Authors not only reap the benefits of getting their book promoted, but they can also reap the benefits of getting and affiliate commission at $1 dollar for every person who subscribes. How crazy cool is that? Which brings me to the affiliates…

For Affiliates:
Buck Books provides you an affiliate link to put on your website or share on social media. When someone signs up to receive book promotion emails, you get $1. They also give you a commission when someone signs up as an affiliate.

They have a Tier 1 & Tier 2 affiliate commission. Basically, when the person you referred signs up as an affiliate, you will be paid a .50 cent commission. When that same person refers someone else, you receive a .25 cent commission. Pretty sweet huh?

For Readers:
Their motto is “Never Pay More Than a Buck for a Book Again”. Buck Books provides readers quality books for an unbeatable price. The reason I say quality books is because they don’t promote just any book, like I’ve seen so many other websites do. Buck Books is working hard to create a quality brand, and with that brand, they want to feature quality books. Therefore they take the time to verify the books submitted to them are something interesting that people actually want to read. After all, if you’re promoting junk that nobody is going to want… even if it’s free, or just a dollar, nobody will waste their time with even looking at what you have to offer. I’m an author, and I’m subscribed. I’ve seen some pretty good gems come to my inbox.

I ran a promotion with Buck Books on January 2, 2015. My book went from selling 1-3 units per day to selling 141 units in one day.  I was Number #1 in three categories and had a sellers rank of 1,700. I even saw my book hanging out in the same place as Dr. Phil's which was pretty cool.

Ok, so selling 141 units wasn't the biggest promotion I could have done, but it certainly WAS THE BEST PROMOTION I've ran so far out of all the paid promotions since being an author. Buck Books is still fairly new and rapidly expanding, so I'm sure if I run this same promotion one year from now, my sales would at least be quadruple that number. With that being said- since they are fairly new, they are still working out some minor kinks. So be patient. I’m sure they are just busy cooking up something good for those who wait…

You can see how my sales went with the other book promotion websites here: My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Book Promotion & Beyond

Promotion with Buck Books

Bottom line: Buck Books is fun, neat, and keeps things interesting for the readers, authors, and affiliates. They actually strive to do the right thing, and help interested readers find books that legitimate authors have worked so head to create. I’m sure they will far surpass the vast majority of book promotion websites in their efforts to create a wholesome, fun, and valuable network of readers, authors, and affiliates.

If you're interested in Buck Books, here are some quick links to get you where you need to be:
I’m really glad I was introduced to Buck Books, and if you're into books, I’m sure you will love them too. Now a good book promotion can be even more affordable than ever and everyone wins in this game.


  1. Yeah Angela! Awesome article. The future is so bright for Buck Books. Quadruple by this time next year? Let me put it this way... We got all of these subscribers with 10 events. We plan to have 200-300 events in 2015 and more than 700 in 2016. You do the math. And if you're not good at math, keep writing great books. The quality that we'll need to see in order to promote a book is only going to get tighter and tighter.

    1. Thanks Matt! True, I'm sure it will be much more than quadruple. And no, I'm not great at math, lol, But I do know something spectacular when I see it, and Buck Books is indeed spectacular! :)

  2. Buck Books is the best value for the price. Most of promo website charge and don't deliver results. BB doesn't charge and I don't know a single author who sold less than 100 copies via their service.