Saturday, March 23, 2019

Grow Your Small Business Faster with Less Time & Money

Stop Drowning in Your Small Business & Start Growing It. 

Grow your startup or small business faster than ever before.

Are you tired of spending every waking hour on your business, only to watch it move at a snail's pace?

I've been there, but I learned that I was going about it all the wrong way, and you might be too... 

If you want to learn how to end up ahead of the game with more money in your pocket and less hours being cracked out on Mountain Dew and Red Bull, keep reading...

It can be tough starting a small business because time, skills, and capital are needed to get things going. Things like Graphics, Publishing, Advertisements, Promo Videos, Data Collection & Entry, Music Producing, Accounting, etc. can be expensive. Many entrepreneurs try to save money by doing everything themselves. 

If this is you, you are going about it all the wrong way!

While you certainly can learn how to do all of these things, each thing that you learn will take many hours, weeks, and sometimes months, to figure out. So, unless it’s something you plan on doing on a regular basis, or using that newly learned skill as a large portion of your business, it’s not worth it.

Here's why: Say, your job pays you $20 per hour, and you can always work more hours. Instead of working additional hours, you spend months learning how to do graphic design so you can design a product label, logo, or make a cover for your book. 200 hours later, you think you’ve finally mastered it and have a beautiful new design for your business.

The only problem is, now you're a little strapped for cash, and you need money for promotion of your product… because the best design in the world isn’t going to promote itself.

You could have had additional cash for the promo if you would have worked those extra 200 hours, but you were learning how to do it yourself so you could save money.

In which figure are you coming out ahead?


Hours Put in: 200 (minimum) of learning photoshop (probably more, if you want it to look professional)
Money Earned: $0 (no money earned during those 200 hrs)
Money Spent: $0
Money Saved: $200 by learning to do it yourself

CASH IN YOUR POCKET: $0 (How much you have in your pocket after it’s all said in done)


Hours Put in: 2 (finding someone to do the work and discussing your project)
Money Earned: $4,000 (with the 200 hours you put in at your job instead of learning graphic design)
Money Saved: $0 (by hiring someone else)
Money Spent: $500 (on professional sleek graphic design)

CASH IN YOUR POCKET: $3,500 (How much you have in your pocket after it’s all said in done)

With the DIY method, you will spend so much of your time, and won’t get much return on your time investment.

Let’s put it this way, is working for 1 dollar per hour worth the investment of your time?

Time= Money

Ask yourself, how much Time am I willing to spend on my business without making money?

Will the extra hassle of spending every waking moment on doing everything yourself be worth it?

It’s much easier, cost effective, and much less stressful to pay someone the couple/few hundred bucks to get a design that will set your product on fire, than to spend hundreds of HOURS of your life learning about it, to maybe get a subpar unprofessional result-- basically DIY design itself may not turn out as good as you want it to, because the artform itself can take years to learn.

It took me about 5 years to start actually producing designs that were worthy of  album covers and book covers.

The general rule of thumb: Unless it’s something you love to do, and it’s something that’s going to be a large part of your business, DON’T DO IT.

Leave things that require a learned skill to the pros.

The difference between me and another business person is that I love designing graphics. It is a part of what I do in my everyday freelance career. So, spending all that time learning graphic design benefitted me, but it won't benefit someone who isn't regularly using graphic design as part of their business.

The same rule applies to many other things as well. If it's busy work like data collection or entry that you can hire a high schooler or college kid to do, then do it. Don't waste your time on the small things when you need to be focusing on the bigger things, like growing your business!

With any type of business or venture you’re pursuing, you must have a lot of time - OR - a lot of money… and sometimes both. Most people I know have one or the other, but definitely not both.

There will almost never be a time that you can create a successful business all by yourself. Look at all the other successful business. I can guarantee they've outsourced most of the work, so that they could focus on growing the business. It has been proven time and time again. At some point, you have to know when and what to delegate.

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