In the Hazzard Life Car with Twang & Round from Bowling Green KY (Two very good friends of mine) Check em out here:

I'm a thirty something single mom of 3 kids working to build an enterprise and share my experiences with other talented creative indies like you.

I've had some pretty awesome experiences and done some pretty amazing things. I want to use my wealth of information to help you grow. I have knowledge and experience in photography, music & entertainment biz, author world, graphic design, branding, business, networking, and so much more. I've won awards and acknowledgement for being a DJ and radio host. I've traveled to the other side of the world (Israel)- To some that's not much, but it's more than most. I've written a couple of books, and plan to write more. I've photographed models and entertainers. I've interviewed both indie and famous music artists. I even had the honor to meet Kendrick Lamar- How awesome is that?!

It's Kendrick Lamar! Hello!

Palestine- Border

Life for me hasn't been easy, as a matter of fact, it's been extremely challenging. I've gone through abusive relationships, grew up in poverty, and continuously face many challenges raising and supporting 3 kids on my own. I've striven to educate myself and made the decision about 5 years ago, that I'm not going to let these life challenges stop me from what I was meant to do in life. I was meant to be an innovator. I was meant to build wealth. I was meant to help people like you do the same. I am.... Indie by Nature.