Sunday, January 4, 2015

My After Christmas-New Years Book Promotion Experiment

Trying to figure out a good book promotion website to go through, but can't seem to get any straight answers to save your life? 

Yeah, I went through the same scenario. It's all good though. I got you covered. You all get to learn at my expense ;)

Okay, so I told you guys I would come back and give you the results for my after Christmas promotions.  I went through three different book promotion websites.  

KBoards on December 26
Ereader girl on December 29
Buck Books on January 2

Here are the results:

After Christmas Book Promotion

I expected KBoards to be the big one but I was surprised because it didn’t seem to do any promotion at all.  I made a total of three book sales the date the promotion ran.  I got a small ad at the top of the forum page that rotated with another book and ad.  I thought surely this would be a winner since it is one of the main forums for the Kindle users. 

 I paid $35.00 for the KBoards ad service.  I would have been very disappointed however I emailed the admin and they refunded my money.  I was shocked that they would refund because the service was provided already.  But that says a lot about the integrity of their company.  

I asked why they thought there were no sales.  They said because my book was most likely not fitting for their readers.  Which made me wonder what exactly do their readers look for?  I had read all the information before I ordered.  It seemed that my book would have fit their demographics with the age and income range, but maybe their readers aren’t parents?  They said they are one of the large as Kindle sites so I was almost positive it would have done well.  I don’t like that I wasted my time with this one, but at least I didn’t lose my money.

EReader Girl
I didn’t expect a whole lot from Ereader girl and I didn’t get a whole lot from Ereader girl.  However I only paid $10.00.  I sold 14 units the day the Ereader girl promotion ran.  I didn’t exactly make my money back but at least I got the ball rolling. The customer service was great too.

Now, I’ve saved the best for last and was pleasantly surprised….

Buck Books
The last promotion I ran was with Buck Books on January 2.  This promotion has been by far the best one I have ran yet since I’ve been an author.  Oh yeah did I mention it was FREE? I wrote another post about how Buck Books works here.

I sold 141 units the day Buck Books promoted and my book became a number 1 best seller in 3 different categories: Discipline, Child Care, Reference.... Also when I checked, I was number 3 in Parenting and number 12 in the large Parenting and Reference category.

It was a trip seeing my book hanging out in the same place as Dr. Phil’s.

If you didn't get a chance to look at the other 4 book promotion websites I experimented with, you can find it in this post. My Black Friday-Cyber Monday Book Promotion & Beyond.

If you want to check out Buck Books, just click here.


  1. Interesting. I also have a parenting book and it also didn't went very well on eReaderGirl. When it was on BuckBooks I sold about 130 copies. But they almost doubled their subscribers number since that, so your 141 is actually underperformance on their part.

  2. I was wondering about Kboards too and I don't think one can make even their money back with their ads. I think partly why you failed is maybe because you advertised non-fiction but maybe because Kboards it's not worthy. Thanks for the conformation! I also sat my eyes on Ereader Girl. How do you get to the promotions available on BuckBooks? I searched in the site but nothing. Only reduced books and package for publishing a book.

    1. +Antara Man Use this link: You can also make money $1 per sign up through their affiliate program if you go to this link: This link will take you to a page to sign up to receive emails. Under the part where you sign up, you will see "Become a Buck Books affiliate Click Here" This is where you can sign up as an affiliate. I will be making another post tonight or tomorrow about how buck books works so stay tuned and I will have more details for you.

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