Monday, January 26, 2015

Secrets in the Music Business

Why are people so secretive about information in the music biz?

Everyone always seems so threatened that someone else might gain the upper leg because of some piece of knowledge, or connection - This has been my experience in the Hip Hop world. Everyone is so damn cut throat - for no good reason.

For the ones who feel like this, let's set the record straight...

Everyone's brand is different. It's not like someone will take something from you by being successful. There is enough success to go around. The difference between a successful person and someone who has not yet reached success is that one person gained the know-how before the other, or that one person is more determined than the other.

Either way, you are both capable of having the same kind of success because your brands would be different. It's not like people don't like more than one artist, bar, club, dj, producer at the same time.  People are allowed to like Snoop Dog, Eminem and Frank Sinatra all at the same time. The same person that would go out and buy one artists album would go out and buy the other's too. So get the word competition out of your mind. THERE IS NO COMPETITION!

The only competition you have is yourself- the competition to be better than you were before. It's not like you're at the spelling bee and there can only be one winner- and we aren't kids anymore.

Think of music like food.

Food comes in all different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, tastes, and flavors.

Now think about music and how it comes in all types of genres, sounds, beats, medleys, rhythms, voices, themes, lyrics, artists, etc.

People and DJ's enjoy music like they do sitting down to a meal at dinner time. You've got your plate with steak, asparagus, mac & cheese and a dinner roll. - Great, now I'm hungry for all of the above.

With music it's the same thing. You've got your Eminem, with Missy Elliot, Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra, Snoop and some Kendrick.

DJ's are the 'chefs' of the music biz, serving up a 100 course meal so you can have an awesome dinner.

So stop trying to take the next man out and be better than him. Why?

1. Because no one is better- everyone is unique
2.You can't stop someone from being successful.

Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a brand, and everyone has a specific flavor (like cheese- there might be different variations of it, but they're all cheese). You've got your American cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, etc... Like hip hop, you've got different variations of it, but it's all hip hop.

People don't want to eat the same cheese all the time; they don't want to eat at the same restaurant all the time, and they sure as hell don't want to listen to the same music all the time. For crying out loud... there's so many categories of rap and hip hop, it's ridiculous. Check it out.

So swallow your pride and get over it! Stop trying to take the next man out! The only person you are hurting by doing that is yourself, because you lose what could have been an awesome relationship. You lose your happiness by feeling jealous. You lose the game because you focused on taking the next guy out instead of using that time to make yourself a success.

Let's raise each other up instead of bringing each other down. There is enough of a market in the music biz for everyone. Your primary worry should be to do enough marketing to get yourself in front of people. People are hungry for something new and awesome, like the new mushroom bacon burger at Wendy's, a new pair of Jordans, or a new movie when it hits theaters. New music is no different. So relax, and make good music, have a professional product, build your brand, market yourself, be good to others, and you will be successful.

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