Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Get Hundreds of Google Plus Friends & Followers

Watch your Google Plus social networking experience explode with this simple trick to gain friends & followers.

So an awesome guy by the name of +Daniel Stock on Google plus, has got me and thousands of other people in a circle. The beauty of this circle is these people are active engagers... and rarely bots. Not only do I follow the people in this circle, but these people follow me too.

The way the circles work is that if you like, follow, share & comment, you can be a part of the circle too. Once you become apart of the circle, you will be a part of the shared group, and tons of people will follow you.  But it doesn't stop there. +Daniel Stock  and other people alike will continue to share the circle until their heart is content. So if you like, follow, share, & comment each time the circle is shared, you, and everyone else who has done the same will continue to get more and more engaging followers.

As of today December 13, 2014 he has 96,709 followers.... Hol-E-Cow! Is he going for the World Google+ record for the most Google+ followers ever?

So as you can see this method totally works!

In order to get in such a circle, you have to find one or create one. I was lucky and stumbled across a few circles like this so far, including this epic circle founded by Daniel. However, I discovered a cool trick to finding more! Of course there are tons of other people on Google+ doing this very same thing.

How do you find em?

You can start by adding +Daniel Stock  to your circles and watch for his circle share.
If that's not enough people to chit chat with, then do a search in your Google Plus search box for #CircleShare

There you will find tons of people, who've posted tons of circles, which include tons of people ready and willing to follow you back, and actively engage!

Hold on kemosabe... Not so fast. There's a couple things you should know about these circles.

First: It's not just about followers, it's about active engagers. People want to follow/circle other people who share the same interest, and are going to engage with them.

Secondly: Google+ gives you a limit to how many people you can circle/follow per day. So after following a circle as big as Daniel Stock's, you will probably hit your max for the day, and will need to come back again and do a search #CircleShare again the next day.

Thirdly:  You can only have 5,000 people in your circles, so circle wisely. If you didn't circle wisely, you will have to un-circle anyone who's not following you. The best thing I've found thus far to do this is Circlescope. Circlescope is an app that only can be used in Google Chrome. It's free to see and un-follow anyone who's not following you, but you have to do it one person at a time unless you pay Circlescope $47 to get the app to do it in bulk.

Fourthly: Not everyone on Google+ is of scrupulous character, so follow and be followed by these circles at your own risk! If someone creeps you out, you can always un-circle and/or block them.

Fifthly: Before you take off into the dazzling Circle land, I'm going to show you how to get the ball rolling with sharing your own circles.

How to share your own circles with yourself included:

1. Add yourself to all of your circles. You can see how to add yourself in the image on Step 5.
 Look on the left hand side where it says "Add a Person"- then click on it and type your name. This is how you add yourself to your own circles.

2. Hover your mouse over the "Home" button, and click on "People".

3. Click "Your Circles"

I recommend following the 3 lovely ladies above because they're awesome :) +Allie Irish , +Erinn Sluka & +Kim Miller 

4. Click on the Circle that you want to share.

5. Click "Actions", Then click "Share this Circle"... and viola! You can start your own snowball following effect.

So there you have it. I hope you will make lots of friends, and that these tips will enhance your Google plus experience.

Happy Circling!!! 

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro at Google Plus. I'm just an active user who loves to share awesome findings; so if I've forgotten to mention anything about Google plus circles, please let me know and I will update this post. Thanks for reading!


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