Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to Get Your .Mobi Kindle Book on Your iPhone the Easy Way

I couldn't find a good resource on the net for this, so I figured I throw this post out there for you real quick.

1. Make sure that you have your email service linked up to your phone. (You can find super easy instructions to set up an email on the Apple website here:

2. Make sure you have the kindle reading app on your phone. (If not, just tap the apps button and do a search for kindle reader- It will only take a few minutes to download the app)

3. Find the .mobi file in your computer or device

4. Compose an email to yourself, then attach the .mobi file to your email- then email to yourself.

5. Open up the email on your phone.

6. Click on the attachment to open (this may take a few seconds)

7. The icon should change to a Kindle icon after it loads.

8. Click on the attachment again.

9. Click "open with Kindle Reader"

10. Give it a few minutes to show up on your Kindle Reading app on your iPhone.

Happy Reading!!

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