Saturday, December 27, 2014

Drive Traffic to Your Website by Sharing Other Websites- Say Whaaat?

Need a better way to market your product or business without looking like a "douche bag" for shamelessly self promoting? 

You're in for a pleasant surprise because I've found the answer!

I recently found an absolutely amazing app that will revolutionize what you share on the internet!  What I mean is that you can attach an advertisement for your business, website, or product to everything you share on the internet, whether you share on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other websites.

Basically, if you find an article that you want to share, you can attach your advert to it with this super easy to use app. You can even attach your advert to a Youtube video... how awesome is that?! I've used the free version, and tech support has been great at answering any questions or issues, even when using the program for free. They seem to continuously strive to improve as well.

This website has created a complete 360 degree win-win scenario. Not only do they have a free version, but they have an affiliate program where you can make 20% from referrals. So here is the quick and dirty version of the benefits:

(1) Everyone get's to go around sharing useful info from other websites, (2) which in turn advertises their product, (3) while making money as an affiliate for sign ups, (4) all the while making money to support Sniply.. Say what?! Not to mention that it's super simple to use.

This is something that EVERY business that markets online should have in their arsenal!

In my case, I found an article on and Shared it on my G+. Now when someone clicks on it, they will see an advert for my book.

Check out the ad I made in a matter of minutes in the screenshot below:

My ad on
If you want to see the above snip live in action, you can see it here:

Then, when your friends click the "share" button on this article, the people who click it will see this ad too. How awesome is this?

Below is a screenshot of the Sniply dashboard. It's easy to create the ad and they have detailed instructions on how to do it. In the dashboard, it's very easy to see stats such as: how many clicks, bounce rate, conversions, average time on site, and other great stats so you can keep track of what's working.
Sniply Dashboard

I should mention that with the free version, you are limited to 1 ad creation, however, you can use that same ad over and over with different websites.

The paid version isn't that bad either at $16 per month for the pro version and $85 per month for the business version.

You can now self-promote without having to self-promote... It's a win-win any way you look at it.

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