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Why I'm a Little Creeped out by Click Bank University

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Considering Click Bank University?

I was seriously considering it too, and I almost bought into the program at the irresistible price of $47, but I had some questions, so I attended the webinar. After getting about 45 minutes into it, I realized the webinar was not live, as they advertised. The fact that I was lied to was probably the first thing that was a let down. I know the webinar was fake because:

  1. It was the day before Christmas Eve, and during the webinar, not one thing was mentioned about the internationally observed traditional holiday. Not a "Happy Holidays". Not a "Merry Christmas". Not a "Seasons Greetings". Not one thing mentioned.- By the way, why would two wealthy men be doing a webinar right before Christmas instead of preparing for the holidays, visiting relatives, or being with their families?
  2. Their timing was off: They would ask questions, I would reply to them in the chat box. But they would pause as if they were waiting on responses coming in and then read off "someone else's" answer. 
  3. Some of the responses that they were supposedly getting from people seemed unrealistic.

Even if the webinar was just a video, Click Bank may still be legit. That's why I almost clicked the "buy now" button and bought into it before I went to the webinar.

The link to the video was sent to my email. They had a really good introduction video to the program. That video was pretty good. What they were saying made sense, and I knew that pitch was a video, so there was no prob there.

I can't say that I know exactly how well the program works because I didn't buy or try the program, but what I can tell you is my strange experience at the webinar that creeped me out.

The things that creeped me out were:

First, I thought it was kind of weird that I couldn't see the responses of other people in the chat box (only mine and the moderator's), but I was being optimistic, so I started writing in the chat box, asking questions about the things they were describing in the video.  They had no problem replying and answering them. But then I started asking some questions that they apparently didn't want to answer. So here is how the chat went down:

Me in Chat: I asked if there would later be something else to purchase within the program (an up-sell)

Them in Chat: Their response was, we have so many people in this webinar, we can't answer all the questions. There is a 60 day money back guarantee.- Mind you they had no problem answering my questions prior.

Me in Chat: In so many words I said, "That's why I'm asking now, so we don't waste my time or yours with having to get my money back if there is an up-sell just to finish the program. I also said, "Maybe I can get my money back, but time is irreplaceable, and my time is very valuable to me. I will just do a google search to find some answers."

Them in Chat: Crickets...

Video: They then said on the video (supposed webinar) that the program was $1,300.

Me in Chat: "I thought the program was $47 to join."

Them in Chat: They then replied in the chat box with another link to join for $47.

Video: They said they would mark the program down to just $800, and supposedly they had all kinds of wealthy people who happen to have $800 to spare on this program, right before Christmas.

Video: They finally got to the end of the program and marked the program all the way down to $47. They asked what's holding you back?

Me in Chat: I started typing "I'm thinking about waiting until after Christmas", but then erased it and did not send the response. 

Them in Chat: All of the sudden, they put a quote up that  directly related to what I was saying. It something to the effect of "While others lounge, you make money." or something like that.

I said: Well damn that was creepy. I didn't tell them that, lol, but that's was what I was saying to myself. I felt like they were spying on me, and more than likely, they were.

I suppose I should mention, they kept repeating in the chat box: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, Give it a try!

So this is why I'm creeped out by Click Bank University. I was a little disappointed that I adjusted my schedule for a webinar that I thought was live, and limited to a specific date and time only to find out that they recycle this webcast regularly. I felt lied to, stalked, and patronized all at the same time. I didn't it was  possible to feel like that from a webinar, but apparently it is. Maybe that wasn't their intention, and I could be totally wrong about everything, but this is just how I perceived it. - Maybe I'm just paranoid about getting suckered and wasting more of my precious time on a useless venture that won't work for me, and I am a fairly optimistic person. You be the judge. Look em up, watch the intro video, go to the "live" webinar; watch for the things I told you about. Come back and tell me how it made you feel, I would love to know your thoughts.

There is a more in depth review from someone who actually tried the program at One More Cup of Coffee if you want to have a look. From what I gathered, the person says that Click Bank University is legit, but there are some things that aren't so great about it, like the fact that they withhold training modules. So the program seems legit based on the things they said in the videos, and some of the reviews I read. You can see more insightful reviews from the people at the Warrior Forum.

I should also mention that the webinar wasn't a complete wash, despite me being creeped out. I was able to learn a couple of interesting pieces of info, like a brief synopsis on how Click Bank works, and like how to create another way to make money as an affiliate using Youtube.

Either way, I'm unsure as to how great the  program would work for me, because of that minor detail of Click Bank University holding training modules hostage until they want you to do them. So essentially, they won't let you go at your own speed, unless you pay them $800 bucks- Maybe that's the plan... I'm only speculating and making assumptions, but maybe, they take forever to give you the info so you will go past your refund period and continue to pay a monthly fee, and then finally end up having to pay for the higher program later, after you've already paid over $500 once a year is up? And then maybe they will later present you with something else that is incredibly high priced, so you can buy into that too? Maybe it's the same old game as the marketing group schemes, with a free offer, then a product/membership to buy, then an up-sell. Only, this is just a different product? Maybe they will even have you sell their program as an affiliate... (People are starting to know this pattern, so this sales technique may not be as good as it once was). We can only speculate, or we could ask CBU, but we may not get an answer since there is no contact information for people who haven't bought the program yet.

 For me, when I get an idea and make a commitment to it, I will go full speed and don't get burnt out easily. I guess my biggest hindrance to buying the program is that I don't like having limited access to something that I've paid my money for. - Not cool.

I can't help but wonder: if this program is legit, why do they feel like they have to lie about having a webinar instead of just telling the truth (seriously, I would have understood the truth a lot better and may have even bought the program), and why do they sell so hard, and why are they so resistant to simple questions like the ones I was asking? Actions always speak so much louder than words. Therefore, I think I'm going to "hold my horses" for now and marinate on it because that webinar really did creep me out.

If for some reason I decide to try it out, I will report my findings. If I find out about, or try out some other program, I will let you know that too.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts about this program. If you're using this program, I would really like to know how it's working out for you.


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